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Fresh Perspective

  • Installation Made Easy

    Tomal FreshDew Dispenser installation setup is easy and simple. It involves 3 main components of an NSF drinking tap, dispenser and bullet filter ...
  • Why use Activated Carbon for Home Water Filtration?

    If my tap water is safe to drink, what is the purpose and benefit for household consumers like us to have an activated carbon filter?  According t...
  • Tomal Cares With SG United

    #SGUnited, Together We Can Overcome! As a health and wellness advocate, we place importance in coming together to respond to community needs amid ...
  • 3 ways to boost immunity whilst staying at home

    We are all in it together! It's tempting to binge eat whilst at home and just forget about any healthy foods.  Here's some booster facts on how you...
  • 3 Things to note for COVID-19

    3 things to note for the COVID-19 1. Washing hands and sanitising often helps  With washing hands often and using a hand sanitiser if a tap is not ...
  • Why Tomal and what's the difference?

    Challenges faced by water innovation firms. Why Tomal and what's the difference?
  • Why premium water for moms and babies?

    3 things to focus on water for moms and babies: 1. The quality of milk With the ever growing focus on babies, premium water becomes the need for ma...
  • What water should the elderly drink?

    What type of water should the elderly drink?
  • 3 Things to Know about Drinking Water

    The water you drink is often not the topic which you think about daily. It comes out of your tap and you can drink it with no fuss. However did you...
  • What They Don't Tell You about your Filters

    You hear them say, " I have been using this for so long,.... it must be good."

    You would also hear them say: "it's a popular brand, you should buy it."

    What water filter companies don't tell you are the materials they use, and where they are sourced.

  • 5 Things to Consider When Deciding on a Water Dispenser for Your Office

    FreshDew®+ Hot & Cold Dispenser dispenses both hot and cool water and can be mounted easily on any wall surfaces. Its elegant glass surface can easily complement the style and interior design of its surrounding, and it also comes installed with our TOMAL Custom 4 Bullet series, to be purchased as a package.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Filtered Water

    Filtered water taste and feel crispier which makes you like drinking it, which results in you drinking more water. Try it, there is really a difference. 8 glasses of water a day doesn’t seem too difficult now We offer highly customisable water solutions that are able to able to address your different needs at an affordable price. It’s time to reconsider your choice of water consumption and embark on the new journey by drinking premium quality healing water daily for a healthier you!