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Why is a Sediment Filter Important and How Does it Work?

Before committing to purchasing a water dispenser, we find that the most important thing that you need to know is the different types of filters that often accompany the water dispensers sold in Singapore. Each type of filter serves a different function and it is best if you are able to customise your water dispenser filters according to your living needs.

So here is a #KnowYourFilter series and we are kick starting it with the most common yet most necessary filter -- the Sediment Filter.

What is a Sediment Filter? 

A sediment filter is our first line of defence against any impurities in our drinking water. They usually help to capture impurities such as dust, dirt, rust, and other solid contaminants that are typically not found in clean water.

Most often than not, our treated water has to flow through a distance of rusty and dirty pipes to reach our taps at home. In this journey, they tend to collect dirt, soil, and debris along the way. These unwanted impurities, which can be as small as 0.5 microns in size, are often invisible to our naked eye. The good news is that these solid particulates can often be filtered out effectively by a good sediment filter.

How does it work? 

sediment filter diagram

Sediment filters work through a process called mechanical filtration. Mechanical filtration is essentially the process where water passes through a filter or cartridge and large particles or sediments are trapped by the filter and are not allowed to pass through. Particles which are removed this way are typically dust, sand, rust, dirt, and more.

Depending on the type and size of filters used, the effectiveness of removing particulates differs. 

Why is a Tomal Sediment Filter effective?

 This is how our Sediment Filter looks like:


What makes Tomal’s sediment filter one of the most efficient as compared to the others in the market are namely: our experience, quality of materials used, and in-house innovations.


A lot of thought and research has gone into the design of our filters. Before our founder started Tomal, she had already accumulated a wealth of knowledge in filter media from being in her 40-year family business which supplies filtration media to the world's top drink producers. Combined with a 6-year intensive R&D to develop the best filter to purify our drinking water, we can confidently say that our filters are excellent. Our dedication to creating the best and most effective filters is also evident from the visits to over 100 global factories to choose the most reputable and reliable factories to source and produce the best quality filter media for purification.

High quality sourced materials

Our raw materials are carefully sourced from reputable and reliable specialists from the USA, Germany, Japan and Korea who design and make high quality filters. Tomal filters are made of excellently weaved polypropylene designed to trap micron-sized particles effectively. As water travels through the weavings, finer and finer particles are removed during this filtration process.


Generally, the shorter the filter, the less dirt holding capacity it has, which will result in constant changes of filters. The average size for the filters in the market currently ranges from 5-7 inches. Tomal’s sediment filter is 10-inch long which is twice as long as the average in the industry, thus saving you money from frequent replacements.

How often should I change my sediment filter?



Because we understand the frustration of ‘not-knowing’ when to change our filter, we have decided to make the filtration process visible for our customers! The translucent housing for the sediment filter is our innovative in-house design! You are able to see the effectiveness of the filter when you see the white filter turning brown — giving you a peace of mind knowing that you are drinking water free of impurities. Change the sediment filter when you see it turning exceedingly brown, or even black. Typically you change once a year as our filters are designed to last longer.

Another in-house innovation is our Twist-and-Lock feature on our filters which makes it so easy for you to change your filters by yourself thus cutting down on the costs to engage a handyman to change it for you. This can result in significant savings in the long run!

If you would like to find out more about our water dispensers or filters or see them in action, send us a WhatsApp message to 8922 0299 and we will be happy to assist you!

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