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Masking off the Truth about Filters

In reality, how many times do you think about filters? 

The times that one will think about it is when there is actual visible pollution. Pollution that is visible in urban cities is the dirty rivers, lakes and also fog in the air. When visibility drops significantly, the quality of life does so as well.

The truth about filtration is as follows:

1. One doesn't think about it until it affects real life. When it is difficult to breathe or painful to swallow, it is likely filtration will be of paramount importance.

2. Many filter companies make lots of money through pre-setting the life span of filters. Machines stop running when filters are not changed. 

3. Many filters are made in sub-standard conditions. The visits to factories of raw materials allowed much comparison in how materials were made and in what type of sanitised standards. The standards differ drastically and cheaper materials are likely made with low quality filter materials.

4. The PE material on filters is similar to the raw material to surgical masks. If there is surge on production on surgical masks, especially during Covid-19 times, the raw material to water and air filters flew upwards. Hence, many producers will look at cheaper alternatives to ensure costs stay low. This would affect the performance of filters.

Because of the above reasons, and many more regarding the lack of governance in how materials are made, audit checks are necessary and also certification of materials. These are usually not revealed to consumers because it is a document that is usually filed away.

The truth of the matter is that many consumers simply only look at the price and how much it is to maintain the system without considering the materials that go beyond the product price. They look at the durability of the system before it breaks down, and how long before the next filter change will be. These are reasonable considerations considering filters aren't always on top of someone's minds unless it becomes a real health risk.

So when comparing the products to install one, it is important perhaps to ask some key questions or to understand if the product has been properly designed with best sourced materials. These questions may not be easily answered by the regular salesman, but it is often lying in the research department or simply kept as a secret.

With the above in mind, for real innovation to happen, the new product needs to be made with quality, sustainable raw materials, yet maintaining the affordability and long life span of usage. This is the fundamental need for new products for the future.

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