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 1. How frequent do I need to change the filters?

Generally they will be changed once a year. Our service team will notify you.

2. Do I need professional assistance in changing the filters?

Good news to you, all our filters are specially designed for easy replacement. Hence, you can have them changed yourself with instructional videos and pictures (Under the Product Demo) 

3. Do you sell filters only?

Besides filters we have water dispensers, taps and RO (Reverse Osmosis) units. In addition, we have a membership program that offers amazing discounts on filters replacements.

4. How do I change the filters?

Turn off the main switch and water, leading to the system. Put a tray or dry cloth under the filters ( to catch any droplets / flow of residual water), twist it and turn it out, then twist the new filters in and then turn back the main water.

5. What happens if I do not change my filters in time?

There is a general guideline to follow and it is time sensitive and not by volume usage as bacteria can built up cartridge, thus filters are encouraged to be changed often even if water dispensed is at a low level due to low usage. This will ensure the water quality is high at all times.

6. How do I set up the CPure Unit? 

Press and hold set for 2 seconds, Set1XX, meaning 1 for the first cartridge and XX is for the length of life of the filter relating to the 1st Cartridge. Adjust by pressing Zero Button and once ready press Set for 2 seconds to set. Catridge 3 will be the level of quality ofwater and the higher the level will ensure the system purify it to a lower level meaning the higher the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) the less pure the water will be.

7. What should I do if there is a beeping sound on the CPure system?

Generally the beeping sound could mean a change of filter or a leak. If it is for filter change, go to Step 2. If it is a leak, turn off the machine immediately and call our hotline at + 65 6702 3075 for assistance. Alternatively, visit to make the an appointment.

8. How do I know if the CPure unit is in good working condition? 

CPure unit that works fine has a smiley face that lights up in green. It will show a red exclamation mark if there is a problem.

9. Do I still need to boil my water if the water is being purified by Tomal unit?

There is no need unless you want to use hot water to hot drinks.

10. How does Tomal personalize water solution for me?

Tomal has modular configurations to personalize the type of filters which can be built for you. This is complimentary service to add value all our clients and assisting them the right filters for their personal or professional use. Tomal has been a pioneer and known as a global leader in this area.

11. How can I order my replacements?

You can order them online at our shop at

12. What other innovate solutions does Tomal offer?

Tomal also customizes air filter soliution for buildings and we are working towards a greener environment and buildings with good quality air in mind. Air filter consulting by air experts can be arranged for your space.

13. Does Tomal offfer warranty?

The filtration products  is engineered for constant change to maintain quality of purification hence it is maintained by filter replacement annually. The other electronic units come with a 1 year warranty for machine breakdown but it does not cover damages by improper use of system, wear and tear and improper maintenance. You are advised to clean the water outlet once every week.

14. My friends are also interested in Tomal's products. Do you have any referral programs?

Yes, we do. For every successful referral , you will be rewarded. Contact us for more details.

15. What other benefits can Tomal offer me?

Tomal has a membership program that offers you significant cost savings on the replacements and also gain entry to our exclusive events with healthcare and wellness practitioners relating to the latest trends and current health matters. 

16. How do I get to know the latest promotions?

You can opt to be on our mailing list or write to us at

17. How can I be a part of Tomal and help promote for rewards?

Tomal offers an Associate program for anyone who is keen to promote and be a part of Tomal. Do contact us at for more info.