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 1. How frequent do I need to change the filters?

Generally they will be changed once a year. If you are on our mailing list, you will get an email reminder. Order an annual subscription and get fuss free refills couriered to your doorstep.

2. Do I need professional assistance in changing the filters?

Good news to you, all our filters are specially designed for easy replacement. Hence, you can have them changed via a twist lock mechanism. (Do check out instructions under the Product Demo) 

3. Do you sell filters only?

Besides water and air filters, we do carry life style products such as eco-bottles. You can also check out the latest sparkling water dispensers suitable for both home, office and restaurants.

4. How do I change the water filters?

Turn off the main switch and water, leading to the system. Put a tray or dry cloth under the filters ( to catch any droplets / flow of residual water), twist it and turn it out, then twist the new filters in, and then turn back the main water.

5. What happens if I do not change my filters in time?

The quality of water will not be optimal and ideal for drinking. The filter membrane acts like a sponge and if it is not changed, the quality of the water will be affected.

6. Where can I purchase the replacement CO2 cylinder for the sparkling dispenser?

You can contact DrinkMate Singapore for a 1-1 exchange and mention Tomal for a 5% discount. If you are a restaurant, you can contact iBrew Singapore.

7. What should I do if the hot water is not dispensing from Freshdew?

There is a re-set button behind the dispenser. Switch off the dispenser, slide the dispenser off the hanging bracket, use a pen to press the re-set button for 30 seconds , switch the dispenser back on and it should work. If you try it again and it doesn't work, please write to

8. How do I arrange delivery and installation?

After purchasing Tomal, you can click here to arrange the delivery and installation of the products. Please note that full payment is needed before we can confirm the delivery and installation appointment. Also, please note that there may be additional charges involved if there are additional works. Please confirm the appointment after booking with our Tomal Team at

9. Do I still need to boil my water if the water is being purified by Tomal unit?

There is no need to boil the water as Tomal is filtered by highest quality filter membrane.

10. How does Tomal personalise a water solution for me?

Tomal has pioneered the modular configurations  of filter membranes to personalise the type of filters which is best for you. This is a complimentary service which includes assembling the right configuration for you to drink the best water suited for you.

11. How can I order my replacements?

You can order them online at our shop at and go under the section of Water or Air.

12. What other innovative solutions does Tomal offer?

Tomal also customises air filter solution for buildings and we are working towards a greener environment and buildings with good quality air in mind. Air filter consulting by air experts can be arranged for your space.

13. Does Tomal offer product warranty?

The filtration products is engineered for annual filter change to maintain the quality of purification. The electronic parts come with a 1 year product warranty from the date of purchase of full priced items , and it covers mainly mechanical functions but not wear and tear and improper use and maintenance of the system. You are advised to clean the water outlet once every week. Should you have further needs in troubleshooting, please kindly write to

14. My friends are also interested in Tomal's products. Do you have any referral programs?

Yes, we do. For every successful referral , you will be rewarded. Contact us for more details.

15. What other benefits can Tomal offer me?

Tomal has a 3 year and life time membership program that is available for continual costs savings. You will also get a free welcome pack! Also, you can consider getting on the subscription plan for your annual filter replacements to enjoy immediate cost savings. 

16. How do I get to know the latest promotions?

You can opt to be on our mailing list or write to us at

Follow us on IG at tomaglobalsg or Facebook at Tomal Global Innovation to learn more about our latest promotions and how to win attractive prizes.

17. How can I be a part of the Tomal community and earn cash?

Tomal offers an Ambassador program that you can earn cash rewards for promoting Tomal to your circle and community. If you like to join the program , please write to You will be able to redeem our limited edition Tomal ambassador shirt and welcome pack.