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Best Water Dispenser Review By The Fun Empire

Tomal puts together a steadfast vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise in filtration and innovation to refine the living standards of people in urban cities. This is done through constantly innovating customized solutions for both industries and end consumers for the air they breathe and the water they drink.

Key Differentiators

  1. TOMAL® 4 Bullet Filter: Modularly fitted with the sediment, carbon, ultra-fine membrane and hybrid alkaline mineral which work seamlessly in sync to provide fresh and premium water for drinking. It is also energy-saving and suitable for both children and the elderly.
  2. Quick & Intuitive Touch Panel Glass Design
  3. Tankless Design: It not only helps it to stay compact but also means there is less opportunity for bacteria to build up. Hence, zero maintenance is needed with this water dispenser. Get sophistication and luxury in your home or office with no table space required.
  • Freshdew Water Dispenser

  • BreathePure Purifier 

If efficient and sleek water dispensers Singapore is what you’re searching for – check out the FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser. The first thing that caught our attention is the slimness of this product, at just 8cm only. It is easily mounted on the wall hence it won’t take up any countertop space.

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Client Testimonial

Awesome service, greatly effective and affordable system which was set up efficiently and hassle-free! My whole family now has clean, filtered + alkaline water to drink daily straight from the tap!

Lee Li Ping
Founder and CEO, Sogurt Pte Ltd

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