Tomal™ Global Innovation

Tomal™ Global Innovation focuses on bringing health and wellness to the next level with smart innovation. Developing revolutionary products to refine urban living needs, Tomal is pioneering customisation of solutions that is leading the industry in Singapore and globally.

Tomal products focus on overcoming pain points that many users face daily. Some of the challenges include the constant security risks and rising pollution in air and water and constant need to be assured for quality in products that directly affects daily living.

Tomal is recognised locally and regionally, with clean water and air solutions applied in various industries such as the healthcare institutions, food and beverage companies, property developers, medical care centres, schools, offices, general households, and many others. Besides consumer products, Tomal's industrial and commercial solutions are fabricated by our industrial specialists. Should you desire a customised solution , do share them with us here.

Tomal™ has played an instrumental role regionally by using innovative smart technology which are progressive in basic needs such as air, food and water. By sourcing the best quality materials from the best sources, Tomal is able to design and control the development of innovations and launch them in Singapore, after which the innovation is then launched globally through distribution channels.

Value chain is at our core so you are assured that quality products are developed to refine your living.

With our commitment to create clean air, water and combat challenges of urban cities,  Tomal is also committed to after sales care.

As part of the Tomal™ community that spans globally,  our research team continues to conduct rigorous research and findings, and we share the developments via the platform at our global headquarters. We gather constant data via a global team of select scientists and researchers that implement and create patented technology and solutions to overcome the various challenges of daily living in urban landscapes.

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Tomal Refines Living™.