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Tomal™ Global Innovation

Tomal™ Global was founded in 2016 with the call to bring health and wellness to the next level with smart innovation. When the founder, Joy Lim, was travelling to over 45 cities in the course of her consulting work for industrial raw materials, she had often became very ill during her travels and was puzzled. Then when she consulted with a panel of medical professionals, she realised that the problem often comes with the pollution in the cities such as water, air and food pollution. This sparked the start of the journey to produce practical and innovation solutions that are made with quality materials available at source. She is then joined by a co-founder, Audrey Quay, who had over 10 years of legal practice.  With her strengths in strategy and legal expertise in the technology sector, she oversees corporate structuring of partnerships and agreements.

By coupling creativity and technology and with over 10 years of experience in consulting with raw materials at her family firm, Tomal was able to work with multiple engineers to design state of the art filters and clean solutions that would be a game changer to the industry. The vision is to continue to innovate in basic living needs such as air , water and food to raise the quality of life and wellness.

Tomal is recognised locally and regionally, with clean solutions applied in various industries such as the healthcare institutions, food and beverage companies, property developments, medical care centres, schools, offices, general households, and many others. Besides expanding the consumer division, Tomal's industrial and commercial solutions are fabricated by our in house industrial specialists. Should you desire a customised solution , do contact us here.

Value chain is at our core to assure that quality products are developed to refine your living.

Tomal™ has since audited all the raw material parts by working closely with source material producers, and gained full safety marks for all our materials and accredited by Tuv Sud Singapore. You are assured of quality and safety.

As part of the Tomal™ community that spans globally,  our research team continues to conduct rigorous research and findings, and we will share them at our global headquarters in Singapore. We gather constant data via a global team of select scientists and researchers from USA, Germany, Japan and Korea and then implement and create patented technology and solutions to overcome the various challenges of urban living.

Should you like to partner up with us in collaborative efforts , do write to and we would love to hear from you.

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