Tomal™ Innovation


Tomal™ focuses on bringing health and wellness to the next level with smart innovation. Developing revolutionary products for urban cities living needs.

Our products are recognised locally and regionally, with clients from various industries such as the healthcare institutions, general households, food and beverage companies, property developers, medical care centres and many others. Tomal™ has played an instrumental role regionally by using innovative smart technology which are progressive in air, food and water. By sourcing the best quality materials from the best sources, Tomal is able to design and control the development of innovations and launch them in Singapore, afterwhich the innovation is then launched globally through distribution channels.

Our commitment to ensure quality assurance doesn’t end with the best materials early in the value chain product development and thereafter production, it elevates to complete Tomal™ care, and continuing education for health and wellness.Tomal Refines Living™ for you.