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Say NO to plastic bottles

It's now a growing trend to eliminate or reduce the use of plastic bottles.  The storage, delivery and disposal of plastic bottles have proven to be quite a hassle and is labor intensive too.

Plastic drinking bottles can be reduced significantly by way of installing drinking stations, drinking taps and having cost effective drinking solutions within the office or home setting.

Lately we have found that an average guest room in a hotel can use up to 10 water bottles a day. The amount of time a housekeeper is running to and fro the room to uphold high service standards can be very daunting , especially when there is a sudden surge of tourists visiting Singapore.

By way of rolling out green and sustainable programs within an organization, cost saving methods can be adopted. But most of all, if the organization is going green, it adds greater boost to user experience, knowing that they have the convenience to access drinking water in the comfort of their guest room, office or lounge.

With the recent pandemic of Covid-19, the way of life has changed and we are now more accustomed to having a self contained amenities whereby less human contact is appreciated. With less human contact, the spread of virus can be minimised. Less worry and greater ease with just a little change in the way we live!

Going green is a must especially with global warming. The world we live in appreciates every little effort in supporting Planet Earth from being harmed further with the built up of non compostable waste. Plastics have long been an enemy to Mother Nature, and with the use of drinking water filters, and the ease of having refilling stations and touch points, the little bit has created a ripple effect to becoming a sustainable establishment.

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