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Designed for simplicity : When it is time to change water filters

Image on the left shows a sediment filter which has been used for 12 months at an office space of 50 employees. The image on the right shows the brand new filter cartridge being replaced. It is translucent so you can see the color of pure white for the right image.

Designed for simplicity : Knowing when to replace your bullet filters

You can get an indication of when to order your replacement sets by looking at  the colour of the sediment bullet filter which will change from white to dark brown. The dark colour of the sediment filter cartridge is due to debris and dirt particles filtered. With a simple twist lock mechanism, your filters will be changed within the minute.

Built with the best source material

As Tomal sources the highest quality material from reliable sources, you are assured to be drinking premium pure water.

For household users of Tomal bullet filter series, we recommend changing the bullet filters approximately every 12 months. For corporate users with an office size of more than 50 staff, we recommend changing the filters approximately every 6 months.

Designed for convenience

Replacing your bullet filters is designed to be hassle-free and incurs no hidden servicing fees. Simply order at and the refills will be sent via tracked courier to your mailing address at no extra cost. Each bullet filter is replaced with a simple 2-step plug-and-twist. Before removing the bullet filter, ensure that water supply to the drinking faucet or Freshdew dispenser is turned off. After the replacement, do run the water for some minutes until the water is clear. To save water, you can collect it in a bucket and use it to water the plants or cleaning the floor! Enjoying fresh and pure water is just so convenient.


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