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Sparkling Up Your Water

Sparkling water can be deemed as a luxury drink or a drink that most people will only enjoy at cafes or restaurants. It is often enjoyed cold and it becomes a go to drink on a hot summer day.

3 ways to enjoy sparkling water : 

1. Do fizz up your drink that would otherwise be a boring drink. For example, ice tea can now be having bubbles in them. Or that vitamin C drink which is otherwise very flat without any flavour in it.

2. To hydrate and stay refreshed with a cool sparkling water drink. Lots of water can be bubbled up and served ideally with a glass bottle or cup. The bubbles keep the drink light and so the body can stay hydrated with more water consumed.

3. Cocktails or mocktails can be bubbled up at home or the office. With the ease of having a simple all-in-one system which serves up hot, cold and sparkling within the touch of a button. Cocktail recipes are aplenty on the web but experimenting with different fruits, juices, and also alcohol can just add that much fun in drink making. 

With more organisations allowing their employees having a flexible work week or even allowing some to work from home on some days, it becomes more apparent to have a good kitchen pantry to serve up good and solid drinks. Coffee and tea becomes a must and with a touch of a button, the drink is ready within seconds.

Sparkling water is not long a hassle because it gets dispensed from the same machine. With the newer systems having the CO2 tank within the dispenser, there is less ugly tubes running around the kitchen which can be quite unsightly.

Lots of exciting drinks throughout the day can boost productivity and energy and with the right amount of hydration, tiredness and stress can be minimised. This has proven to be essential for work life especially in a high stress environment such as Singapore where work stress can affect overall well being and wellness.

Spark your life, Drink fun.


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