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Installation Made Easy

Tomal FreshDew Dispenser installation setup is easy and simple. It involves 3 main components of an NSF drinking tap, dispenser and bullet filter series. Not looking to purchase the FreshDew set? Tomal also provides for those looking to install the bullet filter series only to fulfill their water filtration needs.

Many already have one in their homes and you can have your own installed too soon. Worrying about fit and price? Simply talk to one of our friendly salespersons and Tomal can flexibly accommodate to your kitchen design and personal needs.

The FreshDew Dispenser can be set up in 2 ways:

1) Mounted on the wall

  • Most favourable set up by many
  • Inform your contractor/interior designer early if you are concurrently renovating your house
  • Ensure that surface is not made directly on glass or backsplash, you may opt to have a small cut-out for the mounting of brackets onto wall surface
  • Simple drilling is involved

2) Tomal table stand

  • An alternative for those who cannot mount it on the wall
  • Talk to our salesperson should you require a Tomal table stand

An electrical cable is ideally connected to a nearby electrical point no longer than 1 metre. Extra installation charges apply for extension of electrical tubing required.

FreshDew Dispenser Dimensions: 32cm (L) 8cm (B) 43cm (H) weighing 4.9 kg


The FreshDew Bullet Filters set up entails:

1) Usually installed neatly under the sink away from plain sight

2) The brackets can be mounted on the wall surface (simple drilling is involved) or placed laying (no drilling involved)

3) Water tube is ideally connected to a nearby water point (under the sink or washing machine) no longer than 1.7 metre. Extra installation charges apply for longer water tubing required.

4) A hole of 8mm in diameter can be drilled onto cabinet surfaces to allow the water tubing to pass through from under the sink to your dispenser above or on the countertop. Extra installation charges apply for drilling through cabinets.

FreshDew Bullet Filters Dimensions:

2 Filters:  18cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H) weighing 1.6 kg

3 Filters: 26cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H) weighing 2.4 kg

4 Filters: 30cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H) weighing 2.6 kg


The NSF drinking tap set up entails:

1) This is an optional component and simply tell our salesperson if you do not wish to have it installed

2) It is usually placed by the sink as a second tap for larger dispensation of filtered water faster. Its utility lies in filling up cooking pots and larger water bottles.

3) A hole of 13mm in diameter can be drilled into sink surfaces to set the tap into place. A second water tube is connected from the bullet filters under the sink to the NSF drinking tap. Extra installation charges apply if a longer water tube of more than 1.7 metres is required.


When is the right time to replace your bullet filters?

You can get an indication of when to order your replacement sets by gauging the colour change of the Sediment bullet filter from translucent white to dark brown. The dark colour of the Sediment bullet filter is due to debris and impurties trapped inside after prolonged use.

For household consumers using Tomal bullet filter series for family and friends, we recommend changing the bullet filters approximately every of 12-15 months. For corporate consumers using  it for the office, we recommend changing the bullet filters approximately every 7-10 months depending on the number of users.

Replacing your bullet filters is hassle-free and incurs no hidden servicing fees. Simply order at and one will be sent to your home or office directly at no extra cost. Each bullet filter is replaced with a simple 2-step plug-and-twist. Before removing the bullet filter, ensure that you have turned off the water switch of your water point to temporarily stop the water flow.

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