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5 Things to Look for When Buying a Water Filter System for Your Home

With the advent of many types of water dispensers in the market currently, how do we choose one that is suitable for us and our family’s needs? Here in this article, we listed down several important factors to consider when choosing a water dispenser for your home. Do note that the list is non-exhaustive but we hope that these pointers will help to make your search easier and more productive.

1. Size of your Space

tomal water filter - how to choose a water filter dispenser for your home - check out your space

The most important factor of all in our opinion. You will need space for your water dispenser and depending on the type you choose, some can be pretty bulky. Kitchen spaces have been getting smaller and smaller for the new BTO and condo units and we know that countertop space is very precious in the kitchen, especially for avid cooks and bakers. Therefore, start by taking measurements of the space you are able to allocate for a water dispenser. If you have a lot of space, you can consider almost all of the water dispensers currently in the market. However, if space is a constraint or you would like to keep your countertop clutter-free, a wall-mounted water dispenser may be more space efficient and suitable for you.


2. Lifestyle Features

tomal water filter - how to choose a water filter dispenser for your home - lifestyle feature

Next, have a seat and start imagining how you will be using your water dispenser. Do you have children at home? If so, you might want to consider having a dispenser with a child-lock feature. Are you currently breastfeeding or planning to have a baby next time? If you are, then you might want to get a water dispenser that can dispense hot water to reduce your time of making baby formula. Does a touch panel and LED temperature display feature matter to you? We have a customer who said that the accessible touch panel feature of our FreshDew® Water Dispenser really helped her elderly mom to learn how to use the water dispenser easily.

“With clear labels and just a simple touch, this dispenser is easy to operate. My 75-year-old mum learnt and is now using the dispenser on her own. Really glad that I made this purchase. 😊” -- Faridah Abdul G.

Read her full review here.

Another thing you might want to take note of which is often overlooked is the electrical consumption of the water dispenser. The colder/ hotter you want the water, the bigger the compressor unit has to be and therefore, the more electricity it will consume. 

For Tomal FreshDew® Water Dispenser, the electricity consumption is low as there is no need for reboiling of water. The dispenser dispenses hot water on demand at a touch of the panel. 


3. Filtration System

tomal water filter - how to choose a water filter dispenser for your home - filtration system

Know why you are buying your water filtration dispenser and get the corresponding filters.  If you just want basic clean water, a sediment + carbon filter pair is enough. If super clean and pure water is your priority, include an ultra-fine membrane filter on top of your sediment + carbon filter or you can consider reverse osmosis. If you want alkaline water, then you will need to get an alkaline filter to change the pH of the water.

After you have identified why you want to buy a water dispenser, check that the vendor of the water dispenser that you are keen to get is able to let you customise your filters to what you want instead of selling you a package that includes filters that you do not need.  

Also, you will want to know the credibility of the filter systems for the water dispensers as you are consuming the water into your body. Check where the filters are made and their accreditations to have a peace of mind.

Just for your information, Tomal's water filtration system is approved and accredited by ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), UDEM (Water Safety Research), WaterMark (Safety and Quality Assurance), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), Water Quality ( Leading Water Quality Source).

4. Budget

tomal water filter - how to choose a water filter dispenser for your home - budget

After accessing the above 3 factors, plan your budget. It is important that you compare all the different models in the industry, including their accreditations, frequency of replacements, warranty coverage, to get the best water filter dispenser for yourself at this period of time that is within your budget. Sometimes, the hidden costs lie in the frequency of filter replacements or frequent maintenance.

Tip: you can also look out for water dispensers and filter systems that offer 0% interest-free installment plans to ease your monthly cashflow.


5. Ease of Maintenance

tomal water filter - how to choose a water filter dispenser for your home - ease of maintenance

Get a water dispenser and filtration system that are easy to maintain on your own without calling help down to troubleshoot frequently. It should, preferably, come with filters that are easy to replace on your own, such as a twist-and-lock feature. Remember that it costs money each time someone comes down to troubleshoot your water dispenser. You will want a fuss-free machine that has close to zero maintenance if possible.

On the practical side, water dispensers which are tankless are also easier to maintain as it saves you the trouble from constantly having to clean the tank and to refill the water. It is also worth a consideration to choose water dispensers that dispenses filtered water directly from the source as compared to manual refilling of water.


BONUS: 6. After Sales Service

tomal water filter - how to choose a water filter dispenser for your home - after sales service

Lastly, as with all products we buy, we want the company to have an excellent after sales service that is responsive to help us with any questions or issues without charging us an arm and a leg. Look at their Google reviews to get a more accurate sense of their service. Ask the sales representative more questions to have a sense whether they just want to earn your money or are genuinely concerned about helping you. You want a company who will be responsive to you after they get your sales instead of going silent. Lastly, it is also good to choose dispensers where you can replace the filters by yourself to save additional manpower costs as well.

We hope that the above pointers are helpful for you to make an informed decision for your water dispenser and its filtration system. Regardless of which water dispenser you choose, always remember to drink well, breathe pure, and stay active!


Contact us at +65 8755 5883 if you would like to find out more about our FreshDew® Water Dispenser or to schedule an appointment to experience and taste the goodness of Tomal Water.

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