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Call Back Service

Call Back Service

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The Call Back Service is a service fee for all on site diagnosis, or any other types of services that requires on site inspection, or onsite service crew to be called in. When it requires us to activate our service crew to do an onsite visit or service, a call back service charge is applied. This includes the service of changing the replacement filters if such a service is required. Depending on the complexity of service rendered, an additional fee will apply.

This fee doesn't include additional product parts, or repairs. If the product to be repaired is outside warranty, a service fee applies if a request is made for on site inspection. A site visit doesn't cover repairs on site. To overcome this, a video is encouraged to be sent to stating your issue prior to the consideration of the need for a call back service. This fee is non- refundable and should the product need repairs, additional repair charges will apply. 

Please note that this fee cannot be waived as it requires service crew to be deployed. Once booked, a service appointment will be assigned and it covers only one singular visit. A re-visit will incur a new booking to be applied. Should you desire to change the appointment, 48 hours notice period applies,  failing which the service fee will be forfeited and a re-booking of the call back service will apply.