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As You Get Older, You Need to Drink More Water. Here’s Why

When it comes to the elderly, there are many important facts to consider:

Thirst Centre, which is located in the hypothalamus — isn’t as active as it used to be, so the brain doesn’t always give the signal that we need to drink. We need to make an extra effort to ensure that the elderly consume appropriate amounts of fluids, whether they’re thirsty or not. Researchers say that as people age, they need to drink more water to compensate for changes in their body temperature regulation.

Dehydration. This can cause a number of ailments, including muscle pain, fatigue, and heat exhaustion.

If an elderly person gets dehydrated, one of the first organs to suffer are the kidneys, which can cause acute kidney failure. Dehydration also creates electrolyte imbalances, which can be deadly.

Tolerance to cold. Another anecdotal point to mention is that the elderly seem to have a reduced tolerance to cold. As they age, they prefer warmer temperatures and sometimes too warm of an environment can lead to excessive perspiration which could also lead to dehydration.

Keeping hydrated with quality water is key to reversing the ageing process.


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