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5 Ways Tomal is different from the rest

Full customised drinking water solutions                                                              

Customised solutions is needed to cater to the ever growing needs of the community. Water can be customised for all stages of life by adopting the right materials for filtration. Water can be mineralised and or alkaline or both depending on the types of filters implemented. Tomal Filters was designed to be customisable by the various stages of filtration. You can pick from 2 to 5 bullets and a variety of combinations to suit your needs. Our trained water filter professionals will help you with the customisations should you not want the standard and it is a free service.

Best source materials audited by Tomal Research Team in Singapore             

As part of the innovation process, Tomal Global team headquartered in Singapore evaluates and selects best source filter material to develop high quality water filters that are affordable. Filter materials can come from China but when the team travelled to the various production sites , the quality and standard didn't meet our expectations. Hence  we travelled to over 20 countries to audit the various materials and finally settled on implementing filter materials from USA, Japan, Korea and TaiwanWith high quality membranes used in our filter bullets, means you are assured to have highest quality water with every drop. The final assembly of the products is then done in Singapore so that you are also assured of the quality and customisation that comes with every Tomal product. You can read more about our founders. As part of the Connecting Dots 2019, in the spirit of showcasing and bringing inspiring women leaders to the forefront, a photo exhibition at the National Library has featured our founder.

Compact, slim and wall mountable

Urban living spaces can only get smaller. If space is your constraint for your kitchen, a big and bulky system will only cause more stress in space organization.  FreshDew®+  was born due to the need for a solution for space saving in urban kitchens. With the wall mountable system and neat undersink filters, the solution of getting premium filtered water at a single touch was finally available. Filters are neatly tucked undersink so no unsightly water tubes running all over the counter. Plus we implemented a NSF drinking tap included in the package so that filling up pots to cook soup has become alot simplier. And any child can just fill up their water bottles easily now with just a turn of the tap. Within seconds, the entire family is set to head out with their water tumblers filled!        

Hot water with style

Are you just tired of boiling the entire pot just for only a cup of tea of coffee?FreshDew®+ solves the problem by its tankless and instant heating feature plus it comes with a stylish glass exterior of black and gold. It fits any interior design! Water hygiene means that water is not left stagnant in water tanks that are in bigger counter top systems that are not tankless.  With the instant heating for just that one or two cups, you are assured that you get freshest hot water at close to 100 degrees with just one touch. More unique features and benefits here.

Designed for cost savings with low maintenance

Are you tired of just waiting for the maintenance guy to come around to fix or maintain your system with high man hour costs? Frustrations are removed with Tomal Filters.  The sediment filter is designed to be translucent so that when it turns a dark black color, it's time to change! Depending on how dirty your water pipes (age of apartment does matter), you are looking at a DIY change within seconds. Refills are affordable and last about 12-14 months long. As we use the most premium filter membranes, you are assured that your water is consistently good for drinking. Plus our after service care sends our reminders. Should you not want to worry about reminders , get on the subscription and you will have refills sent to your doorstep at every cycle you choose (12months etc). Just simply choose to subscribe upon checkout. It's so fuss free, we even had a 12 year old help us during one of our demos and she was faster than any of us! A record of 12 seconds for all 4 bullets changed!

Tomal refines living in urban cities


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