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How does water and air change your life?

Many people want life changing experiences . In the world filled with viruses and diseases, more emphasis is weighted on health and wellness.

How does water and air affect your health?

Being the basic needs for anyone to live, no man can live without air and water.

Water makes up 70 percent of your body and air , you cannot live without it. The quality of air affects lung health and many urban dwellers in cities suffer from the prolonged exposure to air pollution.

Cities are getting more polluted due to the carbon emissions and it gets worse with the growing population. The quality of air within buildings also worsen as ventilation may not be optimal owing to the fact that the older buildings may not be able to filter the air as efficiently as newer buildings. 

With the aging population in cities especially Singapore, the health and wellness of the aged becomes more pronounced , particularly when a pandemic breaks out. Pre-existing conditions get exacerbated and many families worry for them. 

By optimising the quality of water and air in buildings, offices and homes, the quality of life changes. It can become transformational in times like the pandemic because air filters are known to clean the air and it can potentially clean the virus apart from cleaning dust particles.

With cleaner water, virus which are water borne can also be minimised , particularly in cities where water risks are high. 

In Singapore, the water is relatively clean because we have a comprehensive system that cleans the water. However, what is not maintained and increasingly becomes old are the water pipes that carry the water.

We have seen health and wellness take a big turn and transformed in many lives that adopt a cleaner lifestyle. Not just in having a cleaner diet that can change the overall health but also to breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water. 

We are just not meant to be living with pollution.

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