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Matt Black Tap
Matt Black Tap
Matt Black Tap
Matt Black Tap

Matt Black Tap

Tomal Global
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Tomal’s Matt black drinking tap is the designer bespoke tap for your monochrome designer kitchen.  It is certified in Singapore for drinking water purposes. The tap is uniquely designed to be easily installed on your kitchen top and is paired with the Tomal® bullet filter series which is attached neatly under the sink for space saving benefits. Its lead-free interior ensures pure and safe drinking water. As pure drinking water is dispensed easily without the need for electricity, the drinking water solution is fuss free and promises low maintenance.


Maximum Water Pressure

125 PSI/ 8.3 BAR

Flow Rate

1.0 gpm/ 3.785 lpm at 35PSI/2.32 BAR

Temperature Ratings

4°C/40°F to 70°C/158°F

Note: Best paired with TOMAL® Custom Bullet Series which is purchased separately.