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StaySafe™ Hand Sanitiser 500ml
StaySafe™ Hand Sanitiser 500ml

StaySafe™ Hand Sanitiser 500ml

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StaySafe™ Hand Sanitisers is the latest innovative liquid formulation launched to combat the Covid 19 virus. It has been lab tested in Singapore and proven to eliminate 99.99% of surface bacteria and viruses within seconds.  It's hospital grade and mild on hands as it contains moisturisers. It can also be an effective surface disinfectant. Safe for use for all ages.

With latest biocide formulation, StaySafe™ Hand Sanitisers has been fortified with 70% alcohol. It is packed in 12 bottles per carton.

For special bulk orders for hand sanitisers without alcohol, it would still be highly effective due to the latest advance formula of biocide formulation that is specially formulated in Singapore.

Production facility has been enlarged in Singapore for local demand as well as global exports. So customisation of special formula can be arranged for bulk purchases. Should you require a special solution, do contact us at 6702 3075 or write to 

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