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Elevate Your Beverage Menu and Boost Profits

Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, spa, gym, or healthcare facility Join our network of esteemed partners and leverage our innovative water solutions to enhance your offerings. 

One of our partners, a hotel with approximately 200 rooms, saved about $250,000 in just one year by reducing the usage of plastic water bottles.

Revamp Your Beverage Offerings with Tomal
At the heart of every memorable dining experience lies quality and uniqueness. This is the essence of a partnership with Tomal. Our advanced water filtration systems enhance your beverages' quality, from a fragrant cup of coffee to a refreshing glass of water. 

By adopting our sustainable solutions, you not only minimize the use of single-use plastic bottles but also position your establishment as an eco-friendly leader. Add our sparkling water option into the mix, and you've got an appealing upselling opportunity. 

Join Tomal today for a fusion of quality, sustainability, and profitability in every pour. 

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Why Partner With Tomal?

Enhance Your Offering and Boost Your Revenue

Providing your customers with a diverse range of beverage options can notably enhance their dining experience and increase your revenue.

Transform Your Beverages into a Profit Driver

Our systems can supply sparkling water directly from the tap, creating a unique upselling opportunity for restaurants and bars. By offering premium quality sparkling water on demand, you can elevate customer satisfaction and stimulate revenue growth.

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Maximize Savings and Enhance Sustainability

Our innovative water solutions not only deliver the highest quality water but also lead to substantial cost savings. One of our partners, a hotel with approximately 200 rooms, saved about $250,000 in just one year by reducing the usage of plastic water bottles. This showcases how our filters can lower operational costs while supporting your sustainability initiatives.

Save Money, Increase Revenue

Our systems create a unique upselling opportunity with premium sparkling water directly from the tap. This not only reduces operational costs but also boosts your profits substantially.

Tailored Solutions, Optimized Returns

We customize water solutions for your specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency and securing higher returns on your investment.

Evidence-Based Success

Our results speak volumes. Our detailed case studies demonstrate significant cost savings and profit increases our partners have experienced. Partner with us for a proven path to success.

With Tomal, you can provide exceptional water quality to your clients and play a role in reducing environmental impact.

Your Trusted Partner for Space-Efficient Water Solutions

Tomal Global, pioneering the slimmest water dispenser in Singapore, is committed to refining urban living. 

With installations in over 5,000 locations across Malaysia, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and more, our solutions are recognised for their efficiency and design.

Our credibility is underscored by our presence in high-profile locations such as the Ministry of Water Resources, Hyde Condo at Balmoral, Nyon Condo at Amber, Paragon Mall, Centrepoint, Alibaba office and Many More.

At Tomal, we prioritise innovation, striving to meet evolving needs with superior, customisable water solutions that contribute to healthier, refined urban living.


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Discover Tomal: 

The Future of Customized Drinking Water Solutions

Tomal is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for all your drinking water needs. With a focus on customization, advanced filtration technologies, and exceptional customer support, we ensure that every customer receives clean, safe, and great-tasting water tailored to their unique requirements. By addressing individual concerns and offering a range of products that seamlessly integrate into any environment, Tomal is committed to making the world a healthier and more sustainable place, one glass at a time.

Awards & Accreditations

What We’ve Achieved


Awards & Accreditations

What Our Customers Love About Tomal?

What makes FreshDew® Special


Tailored filter solutions for individual water quality concerns.

Advanced Filtration

NSF certified filters for clean, safe drinking water.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Hassle-free setup and low upkeep.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless system saves energy and reduces carbon footprint.

Proven Effective Filtration Technology

Refining Living in Urban Cities

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Pesticides

  • Organic compounds

  • Chlorine

  • Heavy metals

  • Sediment

  • Microplastics


Installations worldwide

What Our Customers Love about Tomal?

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

FAQs for Partnership

What makes Tomal's water solutions superior to others in the market?

Tomal's water solutions stand out due to their high-grade filtration technology which can remove up to 99% of contaminants. Our systems are designed to cater to different business needs, whether you are a restaurant, hotel, or a gym. Plus, we offer flexible payment models, extended warranty options, and exceptional customer support.
How can Tomal's water solutions increase my revenue?
Our systems supply premium quality sparkling water directly from the tap, creating a unique upselling opportunity for restaurants and bars. Offering high-quality water enhances customer satisfaction and can boost beverage sales, leading to increased revenue.
Can I customize Tomal's water solutions to fit my business needs?
Absolutely! Tomal offers tailored water solutions to suit your specific business requirements. Our team will work closely with you to develop a system that aligns with your operational needs and enhances your customer experience.
How does partnering with Tomal save costs?
Tomal's water systems require minimal maintenance and replacement parts, reducing operational costs. In addition, serving high-quality tap water can significantly reduce your expenditure on bottled water, both in terms of purchase and disposal costs.
What is the process to become a Tomal Business Partner?
To become a Tomal Business Partner, simply reach out to us through the 'Contact Us' form on our website or give us a call. Our team will guide you through the process, answering all your queries and assisting you at every step.
What support does Tomal offer to its Business Partners?
We value our partners and offer continued support even after the initial purchase. From installation and maintenance to marketing support, we ensure you have everything you need to succeed.
What are the environmental benefits of partnering with Tomal?
By choosing Tomal, your business can significantly reduce its reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. This not only lowers your environmental footprint but also positions your brand as environmentally conscious - a trait highly valued by modern consumers.

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