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BreathePure® Air Purifier - Breathe well and live well! 

BreathePure® Air Purifier is the latest addition to the clean air smart technology that Tomal has innovated with urban cities in mind. Air pollution has been a major issue in many cities around the globe especially with the industrial sector sprouting out and the high usage of motor vehicles on the roads thus our air quality has been compromised. With the current pandemic more people are working from home (WFH). Therefore, it is essential to create a work space haven within the comfort of your own home with health and wellness in mind. 

You can ensure cleaner air in your home by closing all windows to prevent dusts and dirty outdoor air from entering, have some fresh plants and last but not least purchase our BreathePure® Air Purifier.

What’s in Breathpure Air Purifier? 

The HEPA H13 + activated carbon filter for the Air Purifier removes dust particles, odours and other harmful substances from the air such as fine dust (PM2.5, PM0.3, PM0.1), smog, pollen, cigarette smoke, viruses, bacteria, benzene and formaldehyde. Perfect for homes and office use, simply plug in and you can immediately enjoy fresh pure air

Product Features:

LED Display, 3+2 air purification technology, Odor Sensor

The activated carbon collects volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fumes and odours associated with smoke, mold and chemicals.

Composite filter : H13 Grade HEPA filter (highest HEPA filter grade)

The HEPA filter layer removes up to 99,97% of all harmful particles and pollutants in the air as small as 0.3microns in size

Level wind speed adjustment (Low , Medium and High)

Automatic Mode and Sleep Mode

CADR: 151m3/h

Noise: <56dB

Suitable for up to 45m2

Ionizer : 5millions/cm3

Dimensions: 52cm (H) X 33cm (L) X 20cm (B)

Filter lifespan: 4500 hours (approx. 6 months – depending on use and air quality).

New stock available.