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Why Tomal and what's the difference?

Innovation in filtration comes with its challenges.

Challenge #1

We need to constantly innovate to design filters that are best suited for Singapore. Yes, Singapore water is indeed drinkable but there can be safeguards to the dirt that is found in pipes. Also the right minerals can be put back after filtration.

Challenge #2

We need to develop customised solutions to match and cater to ever growing needs of the population. Be it for a young growing child to teenagers, and then to adults and the elderly, water can be customised for all stages in life. Many do not yet know that it is the design of the filter that can customise to suit your personal need.

Challenge #3

To develop high quality that is affordable. With high quality membranes means you pick the right sources. The right and best sources generally have a high level standard and the quality is superior. The manufacturing process is carefully audited by the Tomal Research team and with partnering with the best sources such as in USA and Japan, we have developed higher quality filters that can only become affordable if they are produced in larger quantities.

Water can be quite a hype in developed countries. Quite alot of claims can be seen on sites saying it helped certain illness be cured. However, do take pre-caution as individuals do get a placebo effect on water filters. They tend to believe it and then it becomes true. We tend to be on the side of caution and to focus on the technology of filtration so that the water is pure and consistently pure. We also want to develop long lasting and stronger filters so that the technology can be brought worldwide to many countries.

Being a Singapore firm has its benefits as we are on homeground and we can adjust the filters accordingly and tailor it quickly for the local needs. The key to refined living is what causes us to remain focus on the central theme on why we embarked on this journey. The journey to refine living in urban cities that have growing pollution. The sustainable way forward is to develop impactful technology that is affordable for everyone. It is reliable and quality can be assured. 

We continue to press on this journey in developing the product of refined living.



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