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Why people simply love undersink filters?

Undersink filters are out of sight but not out of mind. Many are mindful of the quality of water it delivers if quality membranes are being used. Water filters remove unwanted impurities from water such as sediment, taste and odour, hardness and bacteria to result in better quality water. With aging pipes in and outside of the home, the water that is delivered up in the taps are often passing through pipes that contain micro-organisms as well as micro-plastics apart from sediments, algae and other bacteria. With chlorine present in water, the water will generally be safe for drinking , however , at the point of drinking, filters can effectively remove chlorine from the water so that it can be dispensed in the drinking glass.

With more kitchens and pantries becoming smaller with the need to save space, the space saving option would result in undersink filters. They are tucked away out of sight and under the sink and can be made from quality filter membranes that can have the highest efficiencies in dirt removal.

With proper maintenance of the filters, such as it being changed often, typically within 12 months, the drinking water quality will be optimum and not be compromised by the dirt holding within the filter.

The undersink filter removes the need for plastic bottles to be purchased and with the reduction of plastic bottles, there will be less ingesting of micro-plastics that are present in single use plastic bottles.

The ease of dispensing of drinking water from a tap allows little children to safely fill up their water bottles for school. It's also fun for little children to fill their own water bottles at a very young age and they can reap the bountiful benefits of premium quality filtered water that is free from contaminants that are present in dirty water pipes.

Customisation of filters will be an added benefit for users on a budget or simply needing to personalise the filters to suit the families' needs. The young and old would typically need highly filtered water as it can benefit the gut health. Without stripping away the needed minerals, a personalised filter can then add back the needed minerals in the water. With the flexibility of customised filters, users can then choose, according to their needs , the type of filters that can produce the right kind of water.

With more undersink filters that are flooding the market, it's of paramount importance that the right filter membranes are used so that the dirt holding capacity can be efficient and that the filters can perform well. The choice of carbon filters also would affect the chlorine removal in water to deliver the great tasting sweet taste of water that most people enjoy.

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