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What water should the elderly drink?

Many have asked about what is the best water for the elderly. 

Here are 3 things to note for water for the elderly.

1. Premium water is great for the elderly.

With quality filtered water, you are assured that they are drinking the best. Not all bottled water sold at stores contain the best water. In fact, for the water to last for one to two years, there is chemicals that are added into bottled water. Hence freshly filtered water , that is free from chlorine and dirt and pollutants is good for the elderly. It gives peace of mind.

2. Proper water hygiene is key for the elderly

Many people tend to boil the water and fill jugs only to realise later that they may get a potential stomach upset from water left out for days. Water is best when it is filtered fresh. It comes right out of a filtered tap and into the cup. This is when the water is fresh and it should be consumed immediately. If you need it to be kept longer, then leave it in the fridge and it should stay fresh for another one to two days at most. Best not to leave water out in the open , uncovered as germs may enter and it becomes stagnant and unsafe for drinking

3. Proper Hydration is key for the elderly.

As one gets older, proper hydration can be neglected leading to dehydration and many other illness may follow. With proper hydration , bodily functions can work better. Memory can also become better with proper hydration. A good practice is to fill bottles with freshly filtered water before leaving the home and then consuming it within the day. Taking sips throughout the day helps constant hydration and it's best not to drink too much before sleep time as it might affect the night's sleep.


With the observations of what we do with many hundreds of elderly and constant education, we aim to create more awareness of refined living among the elderly population that is growing. We love them and we care for them. With a slight change in lifestyle, health changes can be reaped.


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