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Saying No To Bottled Drinks

Drinking Water

As Tomal reinforce the efforts to make better choices for a sustainable environment especially for the generation, taking this opportunity to create awareness with our fellow Singaporeans about slowly reducing and finally removing usage of water bottles. Water bottles derive from 3 different types, mineral water like Evian, Vittel, Evian and Volvic, spring water and drinking water such as Dasani. They provide the mineral information on TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) on their labels at the back. However, do consider the following before buying them: 

  • When water bottles are left outside under hot sun while transporting, water can become toxic and harmful for consumption.
  • Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) is lower than the standard requirement of at least 300 in most water bottles.
  • Some of the most essential minerals and salts are missing from the water in water bottles.
  • Bottled water may costs 2000 times more than tap water.

Water Bottles - Eco friendly Singapore


  • PET Plastic bottles can be recycled but still, we found most lying on beaches, in parks and public places.
  • Estimated 17 billion barrels of oil are used yearly in manufacturing plastic bottles.
  • So be considerate while you are heading towards a nearby 7-Eleven or Cheers store to quench your thirst and make a habit to bring your water bottle ( made of metal or glass) filled with filtered water from your home wherever you go, so that we can all work together towards a more sustainable environment free of Plastic Bottles for next generations.

    Premium drinking purified customised solutions is provided proudly by Tomal Global Pte Ltd, a Singapore firm that curates the highest quality of water purification systems with the best quality membranes and filter media. Alkaline water is achieved by adding minerals. Finally, you can drink Tomal Water at your own space via a simple quick and easy installation. DIY change of filters is less than 30 seconds.

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