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Say Goodbye to PLASTIC bottles at Hotels & Serviced Apartments

With the call to more eco-friendly measures to becoming more sustainable, many hotels are saying good bye to plastic drinking bottles and hello to drinking taps.

The benefits of doing away with plastic bottles:

1. Save cost of purchasing plastic bottles

2. Save storage costs of storing plastic bottles

3. Save man power costs of transporting and delivering bottles to each room with each service call

4. Eco-friendly status with sustainability focus

5. Less disposal costs for plastic bottles


Many benefits outweigh the costs of installing a drinking tap which is elegantly installed commonly on the vanity top of most bathrooms or at the pantry area for larger hotel rooms and suites. Some may also include a dispenser that can dispense hot water without the need for reboiling. These typically are wall mounted dispensers that are tankless , hence saving more energy to re-boil the water.

Sparkling cold water dispensers can also be an option for more premium suites that will add a touch of elegance for the hotel guests. With a dose of concentrate juice or even premium tea, the hotel guests can whip up a glass of juice cocktail or even have a whisky highball all in the comforts of the cosy room.

More hotel guests are looking for in room experience instead of just a comfortable bed to rest in when they opt for the choice destination accomodation.

With more filtered drinking taps installed, and premium great tasting water at one's fingertips, the refilling of refreshing water is so convenient and little time is wasted just waiting for service crew to deliver up the bottled water. With less disposal of plastic bottles, the plastic waste reduction is significant and the overall sustainability impact can be felt almost immediately from the elimination of plastic drinking bottles.

For budget friendlier options, hotels can also opt for re-filling stations and provide a glass bottle for refilling. With the focos of cutting down plastic waste, hotel guests are now quite happy to walk down the corridor to re-fill their water bottles.  Post covid has also trained many guests to be used to safe distancing measures and with re-filling bottles, hotels can adopt the new normal which most guests will be more than happy to adopt.


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