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Installations should always be hassle free

The multiple fears of a buyer of an electronic good is prevalent in many occasions.

The common denominator is the installations and the maintenance.

Why would anyone get an item only to realise that in the near future, it can come with a hefty price of maintenance?

Many consumer products thrive on the recurring income of refills, replacements and maintenance. In fact, it has become common place that it is expected and no longer causing a stir. But the peace of mind is what people pay for, and of course the consistent customer service.

It is a bold statement to say that installations are fuss free owing the fact that there will be all sorts of set up. Different permutations of home , kitchen, pantries and lounges. This is taking into consideration that there is always a water and power point within sight.

We like to walk through the process via a simple photo imaging to illustration a designer's idea of what it looks like. And installations can take as fast as 20 minutes if it is straight forward- i.e the water and power point are within 1 metre away and no glass backing nor extra thick countertop. These are some of the considerations. 

For you to get the ease of installations, please prepare the following for the team:

1. Image of counter top area

2. Image of below counter top area

3. Place where you like the dispenser to be placed

4. Information on the power and water point available within 1 metre distance

5. Any other information about the installation which you might need

With the need to know that the filters can last a good long year, the need to change it with a service man is not necessary since it takes under 30 seconds to change it. We did a test, even a 12 year old could intuitively twist and secure back a new filter. It has become so easy because no body likes to wait hours for a service person to arrive, knowing so well that they are delayed because of the nature of the work. A lot of different situations can arise for them to be delayed and time is an essence for anyone.

Knowledge is key when you want a smooth installation. 



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