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5 Things to Consider When Deciding on a Water Dispenser for Your Office

Having to spend 1/3 of a day in an office (at least for the people who works in one), one thing which we strongly believe that all offices in Singapore should have is access to clean and healthy drinking water. This could come in the form of a drinking tap with a good filtration system below the sink, or installing water dispenser units in the office. If you’re the one responsible for procuring a water dispenser, we have listed below 5 factors you can consider to make a wise choice of getting a water dispenser that’s most suited for your office needs.

Number 4 is especially important! Read on to find out.

1. Space

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The amount of space that you have in the area where you want to place your water dispenser determines the type of water dispenser you are going to get. Bigger spaces give you the flexibility to choose between models which are free-standing, countertop, or wall-mounted.

However, if space is your constraint and there’s a limited area to even walk around, the wall-mounted water dispensers are your best option.

Tomal’s FreshDew®+ Hot & Cold Dispenser Series dispenses both hot and cold water and can be mounted easily onto any surface, saving you space and giving your office area a cool minimalistic look.

2. Placement and Water Source

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Before getting any water dispensers, it is also wise to ask yourself this question,

“Where would I want to put it?”

In typical office settings, water dispensers are commonly found in:

  1. the pantry
  2. in each office room
  3. at the reception area

The list is of course not exhaustive. But the placement does determine the type of water dispensers to get.


It has to do with the water source. Ideally, you would want your water dispenser to be near a water source. If not, the alternative is to have the water pulled from the source to the dispenser. The consequence is that the water flows out of the dispenser will be slower as water has to travel a longer distance to reach the dispenser.

In situations where the water source is far away from your dispensing unit, check with the water dispenser supplier on their solutions. Typically, pipes pulled for 2-3m would compromise the water flow, unless the dispenser has a pump system inside it to pump out the water.


3. Temperature

Hot Water Dispenser In Singapore

Is having hot water an important option for your office? It could be because you and your colleagues would love to make instant beverages to start the day. You would be surprised to find out that hot water is not a common feature amongst classy water dispenser models as it requires electricity. If you’re considering a model that dispenses hot water, we also recommend that you place the water dispenser near a power socket.


4. Ease of use and maintenancewater bottles in singapore


We already are dealing with so many struggles in life. Struggling to fill our bottles using the office’s water dispenser is one we can do without.

Always check the space between the drip tray and the water outlet to see if there’s enough space for you to fill your bottles and tall glasses. You’d be shocked by how non-user friendly some dispensers are.

You would prefer to get a dispenser which is easy to maintain, without having to call the maintenance guy frequently. Find one with a removable drip tray so that it can be cleaned daily. If your office has a filtration system, it’s good to find filter which can be easily replaced by anyone in the office.


5. Type of water dispenser

Hot and cool water dispenser

After considering the above factors, you can then make a choice on the type of water dispensers to get. There are water dispensers that are electric and non-electric. Electric ones are able to dispense hot water, whereas the non-electric ones only provide cool water.

There’s also the bottled water cooler which we’re very familiar with. It’s able to dispense both hot and cold water and can be placed anywhere so long there’s a power socket. However, the downside of this is that you’ll require a storage area to store the replacement for big bottles of water. There’s also the hassle of ordering them whenever supplies run low, and the physical effort of replacing the empty bottle with a full bottle, as compared to a water dispenser unit.

We hope that the above factors are helpful in giving you clarity on the thought processes of deciding on a water dispenser for your office. We have also recently launched our FreshDew®+ Hot & Cold Dispenser and would like to invite you to take a look at it.

FreshDew®+ Hot & Cold Dispenser dispenses both hot and cool water and can be mounted easily on any wall surfaces. Its elegant glass surface can easily complement the style and interior design of its surrounding, and it also comes installed with our TOMAL Custom 4 Bullet series, to be purchased as a package.

Feel free to find out more about it on our website at or call us at +65 6702 3075 to speak to us. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment to visit our showcase.


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