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3 Things to Know about Drinking Water

The water you drink is often not the topic which you think about daily. It comes out of your tap and you can drink it with no fuss.

However did you know what goes behind the scenes to ensure that drinking water is delivered to you?

1. Chlorine can be removed from drinking water

Why Chlorine? Yes, it does help to kill bacteria but it can be removed upon drinking. Why does it smell so bad ? Yes a certain large dosage is necessary at certain areas to ensure that it is safe for drinking. And it taste so much sweeter when it is removed. The carbon used is an absorbent material that removes chlorine. The carbon can be of different quality and type hence to pick a high quality filter means your carbon is of a higher quality and removal efficiencies can be enhanced simply by the quality of filter which is incorporated into the product.

2. Water can contain the necessary minerals you need

When water is filtered, the sediments it pick up from dirty water pipes is removed from the first stage of filter. Often times, the filter is opaque so it cannot be seen. Tomal designed the filters to be translucent so that it can be seen and change of filter can be indicated by simply the change of the sediment filter. It turns from white to brown and sometimes black! 

Minerals can be added back simply by way of a cartridge . The water goes through the cartridge and the minerals enhance the water and often it alkalises the water to a mild pH level which can be optimised for health.

3. Drinking Alkaline water is not harmful

Alkaline water can be achieved by two methods. One way is through ionisation where there are electroplates and another method is through remineralisation. The downsides of ionisation is that the maintenance cost of electroplates can be very high and requires call back service. The second method of getting alkaline water is through a mineral cartridge. It doesn't require electricity and it is relatively safer. Minerals sourced by Tomal is from USA and is directly from the mining firm and natural so the alkaline water is mildly alkaline and hence it is optimal for general drinking and suitable for both the young and the old. 

Interesting Finding :

Persons who owns a water filter system is 70% more likely to drink more water than that of a person who does not own a water filter system. Tomal studies have shown that out of 100 persons that purchase a Tomal system, the customer is staying more hydrated by filling up a water bottle and heading out of the home. With greater hydration comes more vitality for the person at work and at home.

Tomal Refines Living. 

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