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3 Things to note for COVID-19

3 things to note for the COVID-19

1. Washing hands and sanitising often helps 

With washing hands often and using a hand sanitiser if a tap is not accessible.

As the virus can rest on hands and then it gets to the face through contact, washing hands can help prevent transmission of virus by eliminating the virus that can stay on the hands.

2. Wearing a mask only if you are not well

As surgical masks may do more harm than good. As the virus can stick to the exterior surface of the mask, extra care must be used when removing the mask from the face. Use the mask when you are not feeling well so that transmission of virus can be limited.

3. Boosting immunity can help with vitamins and water

With drinking enough water, the immune system can be strengthened. Also taking the right vitamins to boost immunity can be useful during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Good nutrition can help so having a well balanced diet can help.


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