FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser+ 4 Filters + NSF Tap
FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser+ 4 Filters + NSF Tap
FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser+ 4 Filters + NSF Tap

FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser+ 4 Filters + NSF Tap

Tomal Filters
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Innovative Features:

  • Hot and cool slim wall water dispenser
  • Installed with TOMAL® Custom Bullet Filter Series
  • Space Saving
  • Energy Saving
  • Elegant glass surface
  • Touch Panel with Safety Lock
  • Drip tray cup holder
  • No Maintenance
  • Dimensions : 32cm (L) 8cm (B) 43cm (H)
  • 4.9KG
*Does not come with table stand and purchased seperately.
Tomal 4 Bullet Series, it comprises of 
    1. Sediment cartridge which is the first line of defence against impurities in water pipes.
    2. Carbon filter cartridge in the second stage which removes chlorine.
    3. The third water filter cartridge included is the ultra-fine membrane which helps to remove finer particles and chemicals in the water including bacteria, parasites, and pesticides.
    4. The fourth alkaline cartridge adds back the necessary minerals needed for a healthy body. The water pH is now refined to a mild alkaline level of 7.8 - 8.5 which is essential for the body. The last stage includes one extra layer of carbon which Tomal integrates to allow more absorption of chemicals and chlorine that may be present just to ensure that the water is sweet tasting.
    The Quintessential of Luxury Water - Water is not just water, luxury has a taste. It is quintessential of every home that appreciates the finer things in life.

    FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Water Dispenser complemented by our latest customized technology, the Bullet Filter Series is the highly coveted filter range. It is classy, slimmest in town and best of all low in maintenance and the easiest to install.

    Perfect for any office or home pantry. No boiling of water will be required, dispense hot water anytime you want. Preset for 1 cup or 2 cups.
    Using NSF ( US Certification) drinking tap.  

    Premium water for both young children and the elderly.

    Total Savings You Will Enjoy: $588.00

    Freshdew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser (Black) $1399.00
    4 Bullet Filter Series: $1199.00
    NSF 803S Drinking Tap: $289.00

    Shipping Details Upon Purchase  

    Please fill in your details via a booking link for your preferred date for installation. Do insert your preferred area of installation and our friendly Tomal Team will co-ordinate with you soonest possible. *FREE Delivery & Installation, only in Singapore. Kindly note that additional charges will apply for drilling of cabinets and extra works. Installation on glass panels is prohibited.